Monday, August 5, 2013

Eona, the last dragon eye by Alison Goodman

Where to start in this book. There is so much in it. Eon used to be a girl pretending to be a boy for survival of her and her those closest to her. In Eona she finally gets to be the woman she was born to be to find there are secrets about her and her ancestors that have an impact on her those in her country. She is stuck in love and in loyalty. As she loses herself inside a deep longing she soon reminds herself of who she is. The decisions she has to make will effect not only her but her world. She finds who she can trust and who is there out of necessity. It is a terrific read that kept my imagination wild. I recommend it to anyone who would enjoy a flare of asia in their fantasy. I give the book 4/5 . Oh Happy Day :)

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