Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Poker House

I was glancing through Netflix. I wanted to find a movie that was worth the watch. I stumbled upon "The Poker House". Obviously Jennifer Lawrence was a big reason as to why I chose the movie. I am a big fan of hers. I think she is a great actress and she seems to have a fantastic sense of humor. Back to this movie. It was released in 2008 and was directed by Lori Petty (she was in the movie "In the Army Now") It was actually based on her story.
It is based on a true story about 3 sisters who live in Council Bluffs, IA in the 70's. Their mother was a prostitute who had addiction problems. Her world revolved around her and her pimp. There is all kinds of abuse in this movie. It is heartbreaking the things all the girls have to endure. Whether its hunger, neglect, sexual abuse, or the fact that her mother had plans to pimp out her daughters when she decided they were old enough. This movie pulled on my heart and made me think a lot. I found myself disgusted and angry while watching. I mean her mother chose a man that pimps her out and beats her not to mention a few other things as well over her own daughter. I just can't see how a mother cannot have unconditional love for her children.There is a bathroom scene where Agnes is trying to wash the unseen filth from her body.. she iscrying and her mother walks in. Agnes reaches for her and all she can say is she wants Agnes to go to the store. this is after a man volated her daughter. I wanted to break down and beat the woman senseless. I am not a violent person but people and situations like that are just things a person CANNOT stay quiet about.
 I can say the girls worked hard to get what they needed. They are very resourceful and know how to survive. Agnes impresses me with how she protects and provides for her sisters even when she hasn't had the influence she should have had. She ends up leaving shortly after and moves to NYC to become an artist. Overall I liked the movie. It made me think of all of those people who have to struggle to live. To get out of the environment they have been shoved into, who have to fight and go through struggles many of us are privileged not to have to face. God Bless the people who become something greater than what they have been dealt. I ranted and raved to my brother for about an hour. rating: 4/5. I felt some acting could have improved. Happy Day :)

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