Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Elysium! What can I say about this movie. It doesn't disappoint. There are crazy weapons that are wonderfully powerful, tons of action that keeps you on your toes and a great story. 
It takes place here on Earth in LA. Of course Elysium is in space. Its a ship to hold life once the world fell apart.And it really really fell apart. Jobs are hard to find, people are selfish and the world seems to speak spanish! Which i think is pretty stinking awesome. In Elysium many people speak french. 
Anyways back to the movie. It is a mission to save himself and he ends up with an even bigger mission. The movie was beautifully put together. The cinematics are fantastic! Not to mention Matt Damon can speak Spanish pretty dang good. I wish I could get into detail but then what would be the reason for you to go and see it :) Rating:5/5. The acting was good, story was great, the effects even better! GO SEE IT! 

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