Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mortal Instruments

First off I have to say this movie was better than expected. Being that it's the first movie in the series I didn't expect much but I can say I was pretty impressed. The fight scenes were pretty epic. I enjoyed the whip work. I haven't read the book yet, I did this purposely so I couldn't be disappointed in the movie. Which tends to happen a lot these days. This is definitely a teen movie but hey I might as well be one. I enjoy a lot of teen fiction there seems to be a lot more imagination in them and you can escape to a different world.
Anyways back to the movie. A girl who doesn't really know what she is and finds out in the most uncomfortable way. Turns out her whole life was a lie but for her own protection. She sees things the normal "mundane" (human) eye cannot see. She is Nephilim, not your average Nephilim as described in a biblical context (giants) but a half human half angle called a shadow hunter. They are here to hunt down demons but they have a truce with all other beings, ex: vampires, werewolves etc. They are looking for an artifact which is the source of their power (both good and evil). There is love, drama, friendship, and battles. I can say there are some cheesy parts in the beginning but other then that the acting was pretty good. I think it is worth the watch. Maybe not big screen for most people but I am glad I watched it in the theater. My rating 4/5. I would watch it again. Oh happy day :)

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